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The Best Solution just got a little better.

The iMIV family of MFI approved iPod/iPhone and Auxiliary (Aux) adaptors are at the top of their class. Easy to use, they provide not only superb audio quality, but have advanced features such as our uSelect® playlist selection method that offers 99 playlist, Text on Radio, and integrated reverse camera support that bring them to the forefront of safety and in-car entertainment.

Building on the superb sound quality of the factory Volvo entertainment system, the iMIV and MII head unit adapters provide a solution to the problem of getting every ounce of sound from your music collection to your Volvo without static and background noise – this is something that FM transmitters and tape adaptors can only dream of!

If sound quality that can please even the most attentive Audiophile isn’t enough, our adaptors have features that surpass those of the competition with ease:

  • uSelect technology with 99 playlists,
  • 2 operating modes to suite your needs.
  • Song Title, Artist Name, and Playlist on radio display.
  • Plug and Play Connections for easy and reliable installation.
  • Works with any HU radio and configuration. (Works out of the box with RTI systems, and there is no need to disconnect your SAT receiver, or CD changer - unless you want to).
  • MFi compliant: tested extensively with over 18 iPod and iPhone models using the latest firmware.
  • Designed to be configurable by the end user with flexible firmware upgrades.
  • Dedicated Sales ,and Technical Support from Volvo Enthusiasts for Volvo owners.

For a full feature list check our comparison page, or better yet see what other people are saying!

Playlist control from the radio

99 Playlists!

Charges the iPhone and new iPod models

iPod and iPhone Charging

Control iPod and iPhone from the steering wheel.

Control From Radio or Steering Wheel

Artist text display

Text on Radio (ToR)

Reverse camera option

BackUp Camera Support

"Made For iPod and iPhone" Approved

What People Are Saying

Don't believe unless MFI is visible on the device!
"I had a non-MFI device (*red: device with no Apple MFI chip inside) which kept giving compatability errors, stopped charging, rebooted my iphone 5 all the time, yak! The iMIV LE+ i bought solved this ALL. SO happy!"

- Olaf / Germany

USA SPEC didn't work but the iMIV did!
Just finished installing the iMIV LE in my '01 S60 w/HU-803 and it was an easy install and works awesome!"

- David

IMIV Ipod Interface
"I have a V70 T5 2000 with a HU 603 and mine works great. I just ordered the new iphone compatible cable from them and it's brilliant.

They are a really good company, they deliver really quickly and they have awesome customer service."

- Welshlou /